Episode 3 Update!

Hello everyone! A new episode of Nani Navigates, entitled “O Say, Can’t You See?” will be released (uncoincidentally) on July 4, Independence Day. Tune in right here under the “Podcasts” page, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Subscribe to Nani Navigates’ blog for regular updates!

5 thoughts on “Episode 3 Update!

  1. I really liked Episode 3! You have a great voice — no vocal fry, very clear, and a tone that’s easy to listen to!

    I live that you call Jefferson “America’s third racist president”! I also love the way you lean into certain words when you are being a little snarky and want us to pay attention


  2. Oops! Hit “post” too soon. My only critique is that … i wish the episode had been longer! 🙂

    I really liked this episode and wished you’d had more time … to talk, for example, about Sally Hemming, and how her story fits in with Jefferson’s story. And about Lincoln and how he came around to supporting emancipation, given that he was really in favor of deporting all Black people.

    I can’t wait for your next episode!!


    1. Thank you! I actually recently learned about how the Smithsonian tracked down a descendant of Sally Hemmings and Jefferson for a portrait alongside his direct ancestor. I also recently watched Hamilton, which also hinted at the relationship between Jefferson and Hemmings. Retrospectively, I wish I had included something about that; I might talk about that in my next history episode. Thanks for listening!


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